Your Favorite Fountain Valley Plumbing Company for Qualified Slab Leak Detection and Inspection Services

Is a water leak making your life difficult? Plumbing leaks are not fun, but for residents of Fountain Valley there are solutions that can almost immediately save you time, money, and frustration. The plumbing specialists that partner with Fountain Valley Primo Plumbing are top-notch professionals and the best in the industry. They are certified to work on residential leaks as well as commercial plumbing concerns. Regardless of the time of the day or night, you can count on us to send a licensed and insured contractor to your location within the hour to deliver highly rated leak detection inspections and repairs.

Below Ground Leaks Can Damage Your Home’s Foundation

Leaks that originate below the surface of your home’s foundation, affectionately referred to as slab leaks, can strike fear in homeowners. These leaks tend to be the worst type of plumbing problems because they are hard to detect, easy to overlook, and can generate expensive repairs if undetected for long periods of time.

Luckily, we are the leaders in slab leak detection services in Fountain Valley, California. Our contractors use innovative, electronic equipment to locate well-hidden leaks underneath the surface of your home’s foundation for less than any other company in town!

Don’t let cost concerns prevent you from investigating a possible slab leak. This plumbing problem can raise your water bill, ruin your belongings, and compromise your home’s foundation.

Slab Leak Repairs Are Quick and Easy

No, really, they are! You may have heard horror stories from other homeowners that have had to repair one of these leaks, but we use non-invasive methods for detecting and repairing damaged pipes below ground as well as in appliances like water heaters. While some plumbers may guess where the leak is located, we use electronic equipment that enables our contractors to pinpoint the exact area where the leak is located, allowing them to restrict their repairs to that particular location.

Superior Leak Detection Services at Prices that Always Meet Your Budget

Our rock-bottom pricing for top-quality repairs is one of the reasons that we are the favorite, local company for slab leak detection services in Fountain Valley, California.

Call us today to discover all the ways that we can keep your home free of nasty plumbing leaks!